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School Success for Children of Divorce Part II

October 30th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

Think of the other parent as your business partner

““Parents need to communicate as co-parents. Think of being a co-parent like being a business partner. This will take emotion out of the equation,” says Garon. She suggests that parents agree to communicate once a week and always away from the child. They should agree ahead of time about the topics of the conversation and keep their focus on what is going to help their child be successful in school.

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School Success for Children of Divorce Part I

October 27th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

Divorce is often painful for everyone involved. Children often feel caught in the middle, and the stress can affect their performance in school. So how do you set your kids up for success as you navigate this lifestyle shift? Experts say that “with good communication, effective planning, heightened awareness of problems that might arise, and time to iron out the difficulties,

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Planning Ahead for Extracurricular Activities

October 13th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

Lay the Groundwork: Your child may not be involved in sports just yet but it’s important to consider extracurricular activities that may come in the not so distant future during your divorce negotiations. “Talk to your divorce lawyer about how to factor in these kinds of expenses. In your settlement talks, you might consider addressing such issues as: how will you split payment for lessons (any kinds of lessons: from art to music to sports)?

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Tips for a Post-Divorce Vacation

August 17th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

Communication is key. Don’t set yourself up for conflict. Let your ex know your plans and discuss the basics before you leave for your trip. Provide them with an itinerary. If you’re traveling with your kids, make sure you talk to your ex about when and how they’d like to be contacted while you’re away. Do they expect nightly phone calls or selfies from that awesome museum exhibit?

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5 Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

August 15th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

The stress parents feel when school rolls around is often amplified when those parents are divorced. Who’s filling out the school forms? Who’s in charge of the big back to school Target run? Who’s in charge of the calendar? It’s enough to keep you up at night. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best things to do to make the back-to-school transition easier.

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January 17th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa


Part 4: Last week I discussed the three initial steps I urge couples to take once a decision is made to proceed with a divorce: get off social media; begin to document pertinent information (spousal routines/children’s schedules and caregivers); and gain advice and direction from an attorney.

Furthermore, I addressed the most efficient and cost effective way to gain a divorce: Pro Se Divorce.

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