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Filing Your First Tax Return after Divorce

January 28th, 2020 by mjp-admin

The first year after a divorce can be particularly difficult as ex-spouses learn how to navigate life as divorceés. While filing for taxes may not be top-of-mind after divorce, it’s important to understand how this life change will affect your taxes, and more importantly your tax refund.

Filing taxes after divorce is complicated. Here are some considerations handling your taxes post-divorce in 2020.

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How to Make Divorce Less Stressful and More Affordable

January 10th, 2020 by mjp-admin

Is there a way to make divorce less stressful and more affordable?

Yes. And it all sums up to “mediation”.

How It’s Less Stressful

Mediation is less stressful because spouses are in charge of decision making. It allows a couple to handle their affairs rather than letting the legal system take control.

Having more control over decision making in divorce means there are no surprises and couples can move as slow or fast as they want through the process– they move according to their own timeline.

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Maybe It’s Not a Marital Problem, Maybe It’s a Holiday Problem

January 10th, 2020 by mjp-admin

I’ve discussed Holiday Marital False Alarm Syndrome which predictably arises each year in December throughout many households. That’s why it does not come as a surprise each January when my calendar is quickly filled with divorce consultations. However, some couples are surprised by the outcome of their appointment with me.

By making a divorce mediation appointment and by honestly answering probing questions I pose to them,

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What is Holiday Marital False Alarm Syndrome?

December 15th, 2019 by mjp-admin

The winter holidays are a notoriously troubling time for many families. Research demonstrates time and again that the excess of emotion, alcohol consumption, family arguments, spousal disputes, and situational depression escalate predictably during December.

Not to mention, the holidays are expensive. You are likely working with a compromised and tight budget but with high expectations for gift giving.

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Creating New Traditions During and After the Divorce Process

December 9th, 2019 by mjp-admin

The holidays are rough for families going through divorce. They can bring up strong emotions including sadness and loneliness 

During and after divorce, old holiday traditions become obsolete and it becomes necessary to create new holiday memories. This creation of new traditions is particularly important for children because it will allow them to preserve positive relationships with their parents and create good memories in future years. 

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3 Research Conclusions You Should Know About Divorce and Children

November 26th, 2019 by mjp-admin

Here is the truth you need to put front and center in your brain now and forever: 

Conflict between you and your spouse is poison for your child. 

Years of research across multiple disciplines have found this to be indisputable. But while conflict is poisonous to children, that isn’t to say divorce is poison.

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