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Choosing a Mediator

August 5th, 2016 by Marta J. Papa

Choosing a Mediator





There are 6 recommendations that couples should look for in a mediator:


  1. Ask about their training and are they court approved mediators.


  1. Ask about the number of mediations successfully completed.


  1. Interview more than 1 mediator and see who you feel is knowledgeable, keeps the playing field level and you feel comfortable talking to and is not judgmental.


  1. Look for a mediator that offers a flat fee for as many services as possible and a specific fee per hour for the time you are actually there in the office mediating. One of the big benefits of mediation is that it saves money so make sure your mediation cost is reasonable.


  1. Look for someone who specializes in divorce law so they can educate you about the law as it applies to your divorce. You don’t need a mediator who gives you advice of “you need to do this or that” but instead gives you information about your legal options.


  1. If you can find one, choose a mediator who has both a legal, therapy or child development background if your mediation involves children.


If I had to sum all this information up into one sentence, I would recommend that you check in with your gut during your first meeting with your mediator and ask yourself if this person feels like a person who will be non-judgmental when you tell him/her what your goals and concerns are and genuinely wants to help your whole family emerge from the divorce process as whole and healthy as possible.