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St. Louis County Divorce Attorney Handling Child Custody & Visitation

Attorneys for Child Custody Advice in St. Louis

Albert Einstein said that one of the most important decisions children make is whether the world is a safe or unsafe place. At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we want children to feel safe and comfortable in their post-divorce lives. We believe that children should have positive and honest relationships with both parents. If a child feels the need to protect one parent or to be dishonest, he or she is no longer living in a positive and safe environment.

When children are involved in a divorce, it is best to keep them out of the conflict. If you continue to fight, your children could face years of resentment and unhappiness.

Choose a St. Louis County divorce attorney who takes a realistic approach to child custody issues. Contact the Law Office of Marta J. Papa at (314) 862-0202.

Missouri Child Custody Statutes

Missouri statutes designate two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the decision-making rights and responsibilities of raising children including education, religious upbringing and medical care. Physical custody and visitation refers to the actual time each parent spends with their children. At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we strive to help parents create legal and physical custody arrangements that are practical and work best for all parties involved.

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