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Modifications & Post-Dissolution Matters

St. Louis Divorce Attorneys Handling Post-Divorce Issues & Modifications

After a judgment is entered, you might experience a substantial change in personal circumstances. Life changes can affect your income, your fundamental needs, or your children’s needs.

At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we assist clients in making important and necessary modifications to existing orders surrounding child custody, child support, maintenance, or paternity.

If you wish to modify an existing order, contact us for more information and trusted legal advice. Call the Law Office of Marta J. Papa at (314) 862-0202 for a consultation with one of our St. Louis divorce attorneys or contact us online.

Modifications Are Sometimes Necessary

If your circumstances have changed and you need to seek relief from a judgment or increase a support payment, we can help. There are many factors that may change in a person’s life and make a modification necessary:

  • Employment and salary change
  • Other significant increase or decrease in income
  • Serious illness, disability, or impairment
  • Change in a child’s needs
  • Change in a former spouse’s needs
Change is Inherent in Family Law

When two people go their separate ways, it is common that situations arise that affect support, custody, visitation, or any other number of family law matters. Depending on the circumstances, existing family court judgments may be modified in accordance with the new situation of the parties.

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