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Jefferson County Divorce Attorneys for Paternity Matters in St. Louis

If you are a mother attempting to prove paternity or a father trying to establish custody, an experienced attorney is essential to securing and protecting your rights. Our skilled Jefferson County divorce attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in family law, including child custody and paternity matters.

At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we strongly believe that kids need healthy relationships with both of their parents. We can help you formalize a plan for the financial support and custody of your child.

If your child custody or support case centers around a paternity issue, contact us for a highly experienced family law attorney. Call the Law Office of Marta J. Papa at (314) 862-0202 to schedule a consultation.

Assisting Mothers in Paternity Matters

Many times, mothers contact us for help in legally establishing the paternity of a child. Once paternity is established, mothers can claim and receive child support. At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we facilitate DNA testing in order to prove paternity and represent you in court to help you receive the financial support you are legally entitled to for the raising of your child.

Fathers Have Rights, Too

If you are a father and did not sign the birth certificate, you still have rights. We can help you prove paternity so that you can gain custody rights and spend time with your child. At the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, we will help you formulate a plan so that you and your child’s mother can coexist in your separate, important roles in your child’s life.

If you are ready to put your paternity issues to rest, contact our knowledgeable Jefferson County divorce attorneys by calling (314) 862-0202 today.