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Marta J. Papa’s First Novel:

7 Secrets from The Divorce Whisperer

Saving Yourself, Your Money, & Your Children During Divorce

Divorce attorney Marta J. Papa uses her thirty five plus years of experience to help people who fell trapped in fractured, unhappy marriages find their way out. She wrote this book to guide you through the maelstrom of the divorce process and throw you a lifeline to a better future. It will bring you clarity, inspiration, and hope.

7 Secrets from The Divorce Whisperer is the book that has been missing from the bookshelves from far too long. It provides all the information you need to calm your waves of anger, frustration, and fear. it will help you cut through the confusion and sort through your feelings, so you can prepare for the important decisions that lie ahead. This book is a blueprint for saving yourself, your money, and your children during divorce. If you want to survive the crisis of divorce, this is the one book you need.