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Transform Your Post-Divorce Self in 5 Minutes a Day

September 27th, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

  1. Exercise self-care.Whether you’ve been neglecting your health or appearance, it’s time to set aside part of your day for you. For those of you who swear you don’t have even five minutes to spare, I assure you five minutes is all it takes to make a difference in your life. With five minutes you can meditate, do a few sit-ups in your living room, enjoy a cup of coffee without distraction, and apply some makeup. Start with five minutes. The next day, make it six, and the day after that seven. Quiet your mind and do one small thing for yourself each day. Treating yourself well is the one the best ways to build mental and physical strength.
  2. Take control of your finances.Even if you’re in the midst of a divorce and your financial picture is presently uncertain, an excellent way to maintain a sense of control is to focus on what you do know instead of what you don’t. For instance, analyze how much money you were spending in your pre-divorce life and how much you predict you will need to live after you finalize your divorce. Even if you have to live with less, you will be living with the freedom you never had before. You’re building a new lifefor yourself. Set goals and focus your efforts on how you can reach them. Start small. One topic per day is all it takes. Surely your future deserves five minutes of your time, right?
  3. Organize your space. The only way to feel more out of control than you already do is to live in an area reflecting that same disorder. Busy yourself by getting rid of clutter. When you live or work in a space that is streamlined and not filled with excess paper, clothing, and household items, you will feel more at ease and less as though the walls are closing in on you. Spend five minutes each morning examining what you no longer use or need and toss.
  4. Change your surroundings. For those of you whose divorce takes you to a new home, maybe in a new locale, you’re getting an automatic change of scenery. If you’re going to continue living in the marital home, consider making adjustments to your house that will make it distinctly your own. Small changes such as a new coat of paint or bedding can feel very empowering. Don’t have time or money for those larger projects? Add a few flowers to your kitchen table and witness the change for yourself. You’re living on your own now so why not make it feel that way, too? Once again, all you need is five minutes.
  5. Branch out. It’s true that strength comes from within, but it can also come from outside forces. If you don’t already have one, begin building a network for yourself comprised of supportive and like-minded individuals. Those people don’t all need to be divorced either. They only need to be the kind who are vested in your best interests and want to see you happy and well. These can be old friends as well as new ones, platonic or romantic. Explore interests, hobbies, or professional endeavors you haven’t had the chance to before and share them with others. Spend five minutes online exploring what meetup groups or activities your community offers and then make it a priority to attend one.

By following the advice above, little by little, piece by piece, and minute by minute you will see changes in how you look and feel. Remember, you’re stronger than you think. If you don’t yet believe in yourself, know that there is one person who does — me.