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Trick or Treat Tips for Divorced Parents

October 23rd, 2017 by Marta J. Papa

What’s the trick to making Halloween memories with your family when you’re divorced? It doesn’t have to be hard to make the holiday a treat! Remember, this holiday is about your kids, not you and your ex. Here are some tips to help keep the peace and make a happy Halloween a reality.

Plan. Always plan ahead and communicate with your ex when it comes to holidays. Is Halloween accounted for in your parenting plan? Does Halloween fall on a week night? Maybe one parent can take the family to a trunk or treat weekend event and the other can have the traditional Halloween night trick or treat in the neighborhood. Make plans and don’t wait for the last minute or you may find yourself with some disappointed ghouls!

Share the night. Another option is to start the trick or treating early and split the night with your ex. If you’re living in different neighborhoods, the kids can canvas both- one at a time with each parent. I guarantee the kids won’t argue with double the candy.

Spending the Night Alone? “If none of the above will really work for your circumstance, and you find yourself planning on a quiet night with the lights off, let your children know that you’re OKAY! Don’t amp-up on your own loneliness, or that you will miss them so much while they’re out trick or treating and you’ll be all alone. Let your treat be giving them the knowledge and comfort that you’re having a fun evening, too!” (

Final word of advice. Don’t make your kids choose who they’d like to spend Halloween with. Putting them in the middle isn’t comfortable for anyone and may leave someone with hurt feelings. Communicate with your ex and plan ahead and this Halloween will be a memorable holiday for your family!